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Nested just a little over a half hour north of the Twin Cities, Ramsey is a tight-knit community of just under 23,000 people, bordered between both the Rum and Mississippi Rivers. Ramsey was named for Alexander Ramsey, first Territorial Governor of Minnesota who took office after first serving as Mayor of Saint Paul in 1885. In addition to its noteworthy historical significance, Ramsey is known for its beautiful natural resources, including its protected wetlands. Outdoor recreation amenities also include bountiful river and lake fishing opportunities, a plethora of lush parks and trails and attractive golf courses. If you are looking for a quick nine or a leisurely round of eighteen, be sure to check out Rum River Hills Golf Club .

Not too shabby in the culinary department, Ramsey also offers a varied and heralded community of restaurants that should serve to satisfy even the most discerning palate. However, should you find that your appetite cannot be quelled by the dining Ramsey has to offer, you can take comfort in knowing that just a half hour ride south will bring you to a cornucopia of cuisine in either downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul.

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