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#1 Limousine in Golden Valley, MN

At MSPCars we travel far and wide to serve our clients in and around the Twin City region. From small towns to larger municipalities, we offer competitive rates and unmatched customer satisfaction; and with a stylish fleet of sedans and luxury sport utility vehicles, we guarantee a better value and experience over hailing a no-frills taxi service or on the other spectrum, an often cost-prohibitive traditional limousine service. We are proud to have the reputation as the most popular limo and Black Car service in Minneapolis, due in large part to not only our guaranteed punctuality and exceptional service, but also because we offer a perfect middle ground between “unaffordable” high-end and ultra-plain transportation options.

Check out our surprisingly-affordable rates by giving us a call for a competitive quote for your next ride to the airport or weekend jaunt to Minneapolis-Saint Paul. You will quickly find that we are the best value for reliability and comfort in the Twin City metro region. Further, one of the cities we service fairly regularly is the community of Golden Valley.

Located just eight miles west of Minneapolis, is the city of Golden Valley; which has gained prominence due to the resident corporate headquarters of General Mills – the cereal giant manufacturer of brands such as Cheerios, Wheaties, Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just to name a few. Honeywell and Pentair are also recognizable large companies that assist in keeping the region’s employment economy healthy with local corporate locations.

Very much an ideal community to call home, Golden Valley offers a plush variety of outdoor recreational amenities; from access to pristine parks and trails to the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club and convenient picnic shelters and tennis courts. Whatever your preference for leisure activity, Golden Valley can surely keep you happy and healthy. And if that was not enough of a draw, the city offers a highly-developed community engagement and outreach program that is designed to include the city’s population in the growth and maturation of the community. With educational and engaging, volunteer-driven programs, like the Golden Valley Human Services Fund, Bridge Builders and Envision Golden Valley initiative (among many more), the citizens are directly involved in a multi-faceted process that encourages them to work together; as well as with city officials to achieve the city’s collective goals and to especially ensure that Golden Valley thrives and continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.

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