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#1 Limousine and Car Service in Excelsior, MN

So, hypothetically-speaking, you’ve just landed at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport and you are heading to your college friend’s wedding in Excelsior, with an eye on a fun, relaxing mini-vacation. You’ve just picked up your bags at the baggage claim and are heading outside to find a taxi service to take you to your destination. Once you get to the carport, there is a good chance there will be vehicles coming and going, with possibly Black Car companies, limo service providers and maybe even a stretch limousine or two clogging up the area with activity and chaos. What would usually be a fairly overwhelming few moments, could easily be averted by instead calling MSPCars ahead of time to pick you up on time, every time to take you out to Excelsior; free of the worries and obstacles, airport transit can often produce.

With an unparalleled customer satisfaction record since 2008, we have become the most popular limo service in Minneapolis; a reputation we cultivate with an attractive fleet of sedans and luxury sport utility vehicles, along with competitive pricing and a wide service area – including Excelsior and many other communities in the Twin Cities metro region. But once your event or business in Excelsior is complete, what is there to do in town, you may ask? Luckily, not lacking in leisure activities and rich in history, you will quickly see that Excelsior is a terrific little town.

Scenic and inviting, Excelsior is located twenty miles west-south west of the Twin Cities, right on Lake Minnetonka in Hennepin County. Excelsior was the first (of many) communities to be settled along the well-known Lake Minnetonka and owes its roots to settlers from Massachusetts, New York and other areas of New England. The abundance of Victorian-era homes all throughout Excelsior serve as reminders of the city’s vast history.

What are now a condominium complex and two restaurants was once the home of the famous Excelsior Amusement Park and its adored Cyclone roller coaster, which thrived here from 1925 -1973, when development of the land commenced. Even though the loss of the amusement park was surely a blow to locals and tourists alike, happily Excelsior has a bounty of natural outdoor recreational activities to please and entertain the masses. Further, with many exciting avenues to enjoy the water (including the awesome Steamboat Minnehaha), the beach, the city’s vast network of parks as well as its diverse sporting amenities, Excelsior contains everything an outdoor-minded person could ask for.

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