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#1 Car Service in Bloomington, MN

Often when people from outside Minnesota think of our state, they picture one thing: the Mall of America. It is amazing to think that something such as the nation’s second-largest shopping mall could become the hallmark of the state to outsiders, but alas that is the way it goes sometimes. However, Minnesota has so much to offer, that it is almost wrong to simply just pigeonhole it as the mecca for consumerism on steroids. But, never the less, the Mall of America in many ways put its host town, Bloomington on the map.

Located ten miles south of Minneapolis in Hennepin County, on the north bank of the Minnesota River, Bloomington is the fourth-largest city in Minnesota. Because of the above-mentioned Mall of America, Bloomington puts more citizens to work than Minneapolis and Saint Paul, with more jobs for the city’s 82,893 residents (as of 2010) per capita. The perfect blend of industry and nature, Bloomington prides itself on its outdoor attractions: like the 1,000 square feet of parkland (per capita) that it offers its residents and visitors, the popular Hyland Lake Park Reserve and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, just to name a few.

The community is very much one of service, with hospitality being the major driving force of the economy, given its close proximity to the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and several freeways. Featuring nearly 8,000 hotel rooms, countless restaurants and a varied selection of indoor and outdoor attractions, Bloomington’s tourism industry is also a major driver of the city’s economy. In many ways Bloomington can feel like the Vegas of the Midwest, with entertainment, dining and shopping at every turn – with the exception being that you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Once you step onto the curb at the airport and look for a ride to the city, you will undoubtedly be approached by many taxi service and limousine companies looking to scoop you up. But there are other options at your fingertips that are more stylish and yet affordable, such as Black Car outfits like MSPCars. Since 2008, MSPCars has been a star of the limo service industry in the Twin Cities metro region, with an untouchable customer satisfaction record and a reputation as the most popular limo service in Minneapolis. You can’t go wrong when you book a ride from our fleet of flashy yet sophisticated sedans and larger vehicles. On your next trip to Bloomington or anywhere else in the region, why not consider allowing us to take care of all your transportation needs?

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